How To Use An Area The Size Of A Hitting Mat & Little-To-No Equipment To Get A Real Golf Workout Without Leaving Your Bedroom.
Have you struggled to get into better shape to play better golf because time, work, travel, family and life keep getting in the way? Now you don't need weights to turn any 5ft x 5ft area into your own personal gym.

We know you're busy, may not belong to a gym and may do a lot of travel, so the program is designed to be used in a 5ft X 5ft area. 
You may not want to or even have the ability to stick to the rigidity of an 8,12 or 16-week program...sometimes you feel great and ready to crush your workout, while other times you get home exhausted and just need to get your body moving. 
Not only is the location flexible, but under our guidance, you're able to pick and choose which workouts you want to do. You can either map out your own schedule or choose a different workout each day based on your mood.
Combine the two worlds of range of motion (ROM) movements with explosive power-based movements to teach your body to move with more speed and power (among other things, the foundation for distance).
Not to be confused with relaxing stretches, these workouts are all about getting your body moving well and creating your controlled "elastic" motion by touching on all major joints and movements.
We've found HIIT to be the absolute most efficient use of time to boost our heart-rate, improve your movement quality, and build your endurance so not only will it help you shed unwanted pounds, but will keep you energized from tee #1 to green #18.
Your core is not just your abs, but more importantly for golfers consists of the muscles that wrap around your mid-section, shoulders, hips and pelvis.  Use the "add-ons" to throw gasoline on any of the available routines.
Static stretching cold muscles is virtually useless, so the warm-up will get your blood flowing to prepare your body for the work ahead.  Not only will you hit the workout running, but it will help prevent injuries.
Slightly different from the rest of the program, the post-round workout offers you a buffet of stretches from which to choose so that you can focus on the areas where you need the most work.
To ensure you never feel lost and keep moving forward, we've broken down every component for you so you can easily adapt the program to fit your needs...
PROPER FORM VIDEOS (100 videos in all)
Each exercise has its own video so you always know your form is correct to maximize your workout time, and more importantly, stay injury-free...
If you don't have Internet access or prefer to print your workouts, we've got you covered with every movement, set, rep and tempo you'll be doing...
Jeff Pelizzaro, MPT 
  • Golf Digest Top 50 Golf Fitness Professional
  •  Titleist Performance Institute - Level II Fitness Instructor
  •  Plane Truth Golf - Level 1 Certified Instructor
  •  Best-Selling Author of The Golfer's Guide to a Bogey Proof Workout
"The ONLY piece of equipment you use on every shot is your body.  If you get in better shape, you will play better golf."
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